About Midwest Family Medicine

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We are currently accepting new patients and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our facility. We welcome neonatal care, general pediatrics, school and sports physicals, all immunization requirements, travel and update needs based on current CDC recommendations. All areas of sports medicine including athletic and team conditioning, tailored exercise regimens for strength building and endurance, structured and individualized nutritional programs.

As Family Physicians, it is our intention to treat the family unit with the best possible care. We hope we can serve you and your family's health care needs now and in the near future.

We place strong emphasis on fitness and disease prevention. Patients are treated efficiently during consultation. The registration process of new patients is well organized and may be completed prior to the initial office visit.

Our office staff is extremely friendly and Family Practice oriented. Our patients are treated equally regardless of their orientation to sex, race, culture or religious status. We are a Family who understands your Family's needs.

The entire staff at Midwest Family Practice follows an "our family treating your family" philosophy. Patients are welcomed the moment they pass the threshold. "We are sensitive to our patients, and our staff members treat everyone like a member of their own family," Dr. Awada boasts.

It is extremely important to be sensitive and trustworthy because patients are sharing very private and confidential information regarding not only their medical condition, but also their social or family difficulties. We get great pleasure being active listeners and, as an extension, active participants in our patients' overall health and wellness. Good health care comes from knowing patients, and it is not enough to only see them from the viewpoint of their illness. You've got to see the whole person.


Dr. Awada